Trade Dispute Resolution Organisation (TDRO)

Trade Dispute Resolution Organization (TDRO) was established under the Strategic Trade Policy Framework (STPF) 2012-15 as an attached department of Ministry of Commerce, to assist the Pakistani exporters and importers against fraud in international trade and to improve the level of trust of foreign buyers.

Mandate of TDRO

žTake swift actions for early resolution of trade disputes

žAct as a bridge between bodies responsible for standards and quality

žEstablish a database of “ High Risk” places with high prevalence of disputes & frauds in international markets

žImprove quality standards

žEnsure that foreign importers are not cheated by Pakistani exporters

žPrepare database of exporters with confirmed cases of disputes

žProvide assistance to Pakistani exporters who are defrauded in international trade

Educate and train exporters and importers to avoid disputes