The need for the establishment of Trade Dispute Resolution Organization (TDRO) was felt due to gradual rise in trade disputes as no dedicated department was available to resolve them in Pakistan. The prevalent system of resolving trade disputes necessitated a revamp in view of the number of requests received from the foreign buyers and investors as well as Pakistan Trade Missions abroad to improve the image of Pakistan as a business and investment friendly destination.
Therefore, in order to remove the shortcomings of the prevalent trade dispute resolution system, a dedicated government body, legally mandated resolve international trade disputes with Head Office at Islamabad and regional offices at Karachi and Lahore was approved by the the Cabinet of Pakistan in January 2013. The TDRO framework under the Strategic Trade Policy Framework (STPF) 2012-15- Implementation Action Plan, was finally approved by the Prime Minister in May 2013.

After the establishment of TDRO, a lot of interest has been witnessed from the business community and service providers all across Pakistan. TDRO has undertaken extensive consultations  with the stake holders, Pakistan Foreign Missions abroad, other relevant government departments and international organizations to prepare an effective and all encompressing law for smooth function of organization . The Pakistani Missions abroad have been sensitized on the creation and mandate of the department. In response a number of trade disputes have been received in from all quarters including Pakistani business community  against the foreign counterparts.