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Trade Dispute Resolution Organization

Trade Dispute Resolution Organization (TDRO) was established under the Strategic Trade Policy Framework (STPF) 2012-15 as an attached department of Ministry of Commerce, to assist the Pakistani exporters and importers against fraud in international trade and to improve the level of trust of foreign buyers.

Mission Statement

Endeavor for prompt settlement of trade disputes to develop the confidence of foreign businessmen and bridge trust gap with their Pakistani counterparts for creating business friendly environment in the country

Core Activities of TDRO

Trade Dispute Resolution Organization has been established as attached department of Ministry of Commerce in 2014 under Strategic Trade Policy Framework 2012-15 to resolve international Trade disputes.

In 2018 TDRO initiated a consultation process by engaging with trade bodies in Pakistan through a questionnaire to understand the nature of reasons of commercial disputes between Pakistani and foreign businessmen. All 140 Trade Bodies registered with DGTO were requested to provide information such as reasons for trade disputes; the existing organizations dealing with dispute resolutions; level of satisfaction of the trade bodies with the existing mechanisms; the weaknesses of the current dispute resolution mechanism and suggestions to improve trade dispute mechanism in Pakistan.

Mandate of TDRO

  1. Take swift actions for early resolution of trade disputes

  2. Act as a bridge between bodies responsible for standards and quality

  3. Establish a database of “ High Risk” places with high prevalence of disputes & frauds in international markets

  4. Improve quality standards

  5. Ensure that foreign importers are not cheated by Pakistani exporters

  6. Prepare database of exporters with confirmed cases of disputes

  7. Provide assistance to Pakistani exporters who are defrauded in international trade

  8. Educate and train exporters and importers to avoid disputes


Trade Dispute Complaints

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